Attend makes
polling easy

Build polls

String together question cards and build content that you can use between presentations.

Collect data

Once your presentation is over, share and export your results for further analysis.

Present better

Make your audience feel involved. Enable them to contribute to the presentation through their smartphones.

Create engaging content

Create polls
Build questions

All of the tools you need to create interactive presentations in one application. Use our poll editor to create questions and organize your datasets. Currently, we support four different question types ranging from multiple-choice, open-ended, true-or-false, and open-polling.

Understand your audience

Data collection

With Attend all the data occurs in real-time. Everyone can see what is happening on their device and all of the responses are recorded to a CSV document that you can download after the poll. Polling in real-time makes Attend a powerful data collection tool for your presentations.

Command Attention

Engagement with

This is what your audience will see on their smartphones. There is no need for them to download anything on their device. Send or display the link in the application and anyone with a web browser can connect and start responding in real-time.

About us


Founded in 2014 to create reliable software applications that can collect, organize and present data in real-time. The flagship product of ConsiderCode is the "Attend" software suite. This platform consists of 4 applications that offers state of the art, real-time, geolocation driven data analytics. With our technology you can monitor and engage large groups of people.

Updates & Recent News

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